The Team

Humanscape draws knowledge from Australia's most experienced horticultural based therapy practitioners, they also collaborate with key industry experts on a needs basis. The teams knowledge is further enhanced by proven experience in complimentary industry sectors, and a unique mix of formal qualifications.   It is through previous work, delivering horticulture therapy based outcomes to leading organisations, that Humanscape have the confidence to provide the highest quality horticultural therapy based consultation and advice to the greater community.


Dr Chris Reed

Our lead consultant, Dr Chris Reed, is qualified in health science, disability, teaching horticulture and landscape design. Dr Chris first started working in the field of horticultural therapy at a disability service in rural Victoria, Australia in 1981. Chris also advises both government and the non-government sector on the benefits of gardens and green space for human health. Chris completed his PhD in horticultural therapy at Deakin University where he remains a member of the University's Health, Nature and Sustainability Research Group. Chris is a regular contributor to horticultural and landscape journals and has spoken on the subject of horticultural therapy at numerous conferences, public meetings and on the radio. 


Rani Blake

Humanscape Coordinator Rani Blake is deeply passionate about introducing people to the benefits of nature and creating opportunities for people of all backgrounds to access nature, and to know how to use nature as a therapeutic tool. Rani has a background in a variety of design modalities, facilitation and therapies, and brings to the business the fundamental skills and life experience which are required to work in this role. Successful therapeutic garden design requires a unique ability to create inspired environments which feel supportive, safe and enlivening. By listening to, understanding and interpreting the requirements of clients, Rani is able to ensure projects are practical, achievable and address the individual needs of each of the unique populations.


Mel Holmes

Jasmine twiner extraordinaire and lover of all things purple… Mel uses her training as an Occupational Therapist to inform others of horticulture as a powerful medium to improve the human condition. Though she is convinced that Horticulture as a treatment medium has a reach far beyond a mundane and simple activity. She aspires to be a fabulous Hort therapy Practitioner and has seen the power of the use of nature to promote wellbeing and develop abilities.   Mel is also committed to developing programmes and resources around 'Therapeutic Horticulture for beginners' and is planning further studies in the subject.


Humanscape's team of design and health consultants provide expert assistance, from the inception of healing or therapeutic garden projects through to programmes that can be facilitated from within the spaces.