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Why Engage Humanscape? 

There are many examples of healing, sensory or therapy gardens being built with great enthusiasm, but sadly they become neglected or abandoned because they were developed without proper pre-planning, understanding, research or the right professional consultation.

When you engage Humanscape in the early phases of conception, design and development it will help avoid costly mistakes and ensure your therapeutic gardens are successful, sustainable and beneficial to your community, organisation or business. Humanscape also has direct alliances with Australia's leading authorities in Horticultural Therapy… Whatever the size, budget or audience of your next garden therapy or green space project, Humanscape is confident it can provide solid, qualified and practical advice to your projects.

There is no one team more qualified than Humanscape to deliver advice and direction on nature or horticulture based therapy programs, design and therapeutic environments.

How we'll work with you...

  • Systematically gathering input from all stakeholders to understand user requirements and expectations
  • Gathering relevant data such as orientation, services location, potential risks and opportunities
  • Workshop relevant issues such as, resources, therapeutic outcomes, programs, maintenance and staff training
  • Present ideas to enhance the function of the outdoor space to maximise its uses and accessibility
  • Provide creative solutions to ensure everyone is attracted to interact in and with the garden
  • Provide concept drawings, plans and detail descriptions of the design
  • Provide professional credibility and research evidence
  • Provide landscape design and plans ready for build
  • Work with developers and landscape architects to translate therapy concepts
  • Assist individuals and organisations by representing their interests throughout the construction process
  • Evaluate existing horticulture therapy programmes and developments
  • Advice on HBT programme sustainability and garden use
  • Customise training for staff and volunteers working in 'green, therapy spaces'
  • Mentoring and coaching of staff to enable them to develop HBT skills


When you engage Humanscape in the planning stages of a program or landscape, you can feel assured that you will meet the needs of the users and that you will be providing meaningful therapeutic benefits and engagement for all.

Therapeutic Design

Any garden or space can be transformed into a meaningful, sensory, and therapeutic space by the Humanscape team. We work closely with you to identify barriers and opportunities and provide practical and affordable recommendations to bring about positive change, engagement and results.

Professional Development & Workshops 

To address the growing demand for nature and garden based therapies, over 40 years experience delivering Therapeutic Horticulture outcomes to a wide range of people, is being packaged into relevant, informative and inspirational workshops. These workshops are excellent for those wanting to gain confidence an knowledge on the application of Nature and Therapuetic Horticulture