Middle Park Primary School - Nature Play and Indigenous Inspired Garden

Significant changes to the MPPS school's environment have been made since the school decided to implement strategies that support it’s understanding of the importance of our environment and green spaces as a essential learning tool and supports for wellbeing. Multiple projects are underway to enhance students experience and bring our school closer to it’s environmental, community and wellbeing goals.


Research strongly supports the importance of free, creative and imaginative play for children. particularly those growing up in urban communities. Regular playground equipment often predicts behaviors; up down, in our etc. Natural materials placed in random formations allow for more creative un-prescribed play


Instead of focussing on one area such as a vegetable garden as a learning space, MPPS is working towards making the whole school an inspirational, sensory and educational learning space. In the past MPPS was fortunate enough to engage Landscape Architect Mary Jeavon (my all time favourite) to design the Prep Area and Outdoor Classroom which has meant little needed to be done or spent to achieve great results from the recent enhancements.

The New indigenous garden was a larger project but was kept to a reasonable price though community involvement. The rest of the school has had a touch of green using lunchtime nature based actives to ensure the entire school grounds are supportive and inspiring..