Gladswood is a residential care facility, where residents are largely facility bound. The space became"Their space"; a space that is of relevance to them and is representative of their life. The environment must be interesting or fascinating enough to draw people to the space, including residents, family staff and visitors. And include as many relevant elements as the space can contain. It is not static but has opportunities for constant change to keep up the level of interest. Residents are encouraged to maintain their garden; sweeping, weeding, raking, planting and harvesting are all valuable activities and provide light exercise. The space is light hearted and be fun. If it looks a bit "daggy", that is of little concern if people enjoy their time in the garden.

potting hands pink glove.jpg

Horticulture As Therapy

Working together on a potting up project, brings rise to the acquisition of skills such as conversation, procedure, fine & gross motor, concentration, persistence, resilience, connection and team work. Here the table contains potting mix in its center and can seat a group of 8 comfortably.

kalkee 052.JPG

The Red Tree 

This is an original piece! Which due to its popularity has been replicated in many gardens and facilities around victoria. It is fascinating, cheap, quirky and invites a myriad of comments, thoughts and conversations....Designed to make a statement... this piece provokes more engagements than many other standard garden pieces...

KHG gladswood tree.jpg

Interactive Tree Of Life....

The tree is a symbol of life and provides unlimited concepts from which we can draw great meaningful conversations to facilitate therapeutic outcomes ... Here at Gladswood the tree with deep emerald leaves stands boldly against the ocean blue wall. As the seasons change the leaves are changed to warm autumn colours - through to blossom in springs.